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02/04/2016 Pickled Willy's Fresh Fish Market has been sending gutted and gilled fish or fillets down south to some four star and up restaurants. Pictured is Executive Chef Jason at Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse in Louisville, KY, with a Shortraker, larger Rockfish, we sent down earlier this week. It will be on the menu this weekend. Thank you for the picture and enjoy the fresh Alaskan Seafood!



6/4/2015 Kodiak's Crab Festival 2015 was a success. We had fun cooking over 2,000 pounds of Brown King Crab, King Crab Tails on a Stick, and our Sable Tips or Dinks on a Stick. Here are a few pictures from the event we wanted to share. Thank you to those of you who came out and had some crab at Crab Fest!!! Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget, "Have you had your Pickled Willy's today?


Kodiak's Crab Festival 2014 was a fun one. Pickled Willy's girls took time away from the booth to participate in the fish toss. Unfortunately they didn't last long.

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