About Us

Pickled Willy's is a specialty seafood processing plant in Kodiak, Alaska, that started out as Alaska’s only pickling plant. Our co-owner Bill Alwert, a retired Alaska Commercial Fishermen, started years ago pickling fish and created a long standing family recipe that became so popular with family and friends that we wanted to share it with everyone. The Alwert family still has the family boat, the Buccaneer out of Kodiak, but Bill has since retired to the beach.

The family recipe is undeniably good and there’s certainly no way to get fresher seafood than straight from the vessels of Kodiak Island and other Alaskan Ports.

Our company is made up of hard working Americans and is family/veteran owned and operated. We’re committed to quality products and friendly customer service. So friendly we invite you to come on in and meet our co-owner/relic, Ole Willy himself.

All of our products are hand packed, low in fat, high in Omega-3’s, all natural, and have no preservatives. All of our seafood is 100% sustainable and found in Alaskan Waters and processed right here in Kodiak. We ship through UPS, Alaska Air Cargo, and ACE Air Cargo.  HAACP trained personal are present at our plant.  

We hope you enjoy our fine specialty seafood products and feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or special orders.

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